How Tolkien Uses Settings in his Books

J.R.R. Tolkien’s , The Fellowship of the Ring, is a very action and adventure filled book. So action and adventure filled that the story needs more than one place for it all to go down. Tolkien always has many places where the travelers and heroes of his book battle, explore, and travel. In , The Fellowship of the Ring, the key places for the characters are, the Old Forest, Rivendell, the Shire, and the Mines of Moria. From the elven halls and orc infested forests to the home place of the Hobbits and mines of the dwarfs, these places provide the perfect setting for the plot to play out.

The Shire is home to many of the small humanlike creatures known as hobbits including the main characters Frodo and Bilbo Baggins. The shire was founded in 1601 of the third age in the north-west of middle Earth.

The Old Forest lies just outside the eastern border of the shire and is home to sinister trees and Barrow Wrights, evil ghost-like creatures cursed by the witch-king of Angmar. This place is considered dark and fearsome although the heroes and their party often come into confrontations with orcs in the forest.

Rivendell is one of the homes of elves left and is home to the half-elven hero Elrond. Rivendell sits at the bottom of the Misty Mountains and is said to be based off of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland where Tolkien once holidayed.

The Mines of Moria are a very large stronghold mined out of the Misty Mountains by the dwarves. The stronghold was the home to many dwarves until it was overrun and many including Durin, the leader of the dwarves at the time, were killed.                                  Tolkien uses these many mystical lands and places to convey the plot and adventure of the story and quest the heroes of his books seek to fulfill. Tolkien also does a great job of conveying the settings of his books as many are inspired from real towns and places.

Tolkien uses theses places and mystical lands for his characters and heroes to fulfill their quests and adventures. Many of the places Tolkien uses for his books are based off of real towns and places.



The Hobbit

One of J.R.R. Tolkien’s first and greatest novels was The Hobbit. The hobbit is an unexpected journey of fighting and heroism where the main character is a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. The Hobbit can be split into two distinct parts, the unexpected visit and journey, and the battle five armies.

Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who lives in the shire, a well known place where hobbits live. Bilbo lives alone but is unexpectedly visited by thirteen dwarves who want him to help them defeat an evil dragon named Smaug. Bilbo agrees to journey with them and the company travels to Rivendell where the meet with Elrond, a half-elf lord. After making their way through the misty mountains the company prepares to pass through Mirkwood. They are attacked by giant spiders but come out victorious, the company then continues to smogs mountain where Bilbo takes a golden cup from Smaug’s treasure. after doing this Smaug is furious and attacks lake town where he is shot in the weak spot on his chest by an archer.

After Smaug has been killed everyone including the elves, men, and dwarves want a piece of his treasure. But before they all go to war against one another, Gandalf arrives with news of the goblins and wargs preparing to attack the unsuspecting elves, men, and dwarves. Suddenly they all join together including with the giant eagles to manage to barely win and defeat the goblins and wargs.

Even though Bilbo Baggins was unexpectedly asked to go on a journey over fear and fighting evil creatures, he accepted and ended up with not only some treasure but a vast amount of respect from the elves, dwarves, and men.


The Lord of the Rings

Tolkien’s first great literary masterpiece , The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, has become loved by many, a global best seller and is one of his greatest works. This trilogy includes the books, The Fellowship  of the RingThe Two Towers, and The Return of the King. The first book of the series, The Fellowship of the Ring, is a common tale of journey and courage, the second book, The Two Towers, is a continuing part to the first book in which the heroes continue their courageous journeyFinally, the heroes continue their quest in                     The Return of the King where they finally venture to Mordor and defeat Sauron.

The Fellowship of the Ring was published July 29, 1954. The first installment to the lord of the rings series has come to be loved by many and a global best seller. The book starts off with Bilbo Baggins, main character of The Hobbit, leaving his home and ring to heir and nephew Frodo. Frodo sets off for Rivendell with his gardner and cousins but they have a run in with evil spirits and trees. After being saved by elves and waking up in Rivendell, Frodo & Co. find Bilbo and Gandalf both there. They add a couple of characters to their company and set off for Mordor to destroy the ring. On their way, Boromir, a member of Frodo’s company, tries to take the ring but Frodo runs away and prepares himself to venture to Mordor alone, but his gardner and friend Sam insists on going with him.

The Two Towers was published in 1954, and was part two in the trilogy. Frodo and Sam continue their journey to Mordor, meanwhile Aragon and the rest of the company discover Boromir dying after a run-in with orcs. Aragon & Co. search for the captured cousins of Frodo and soon clash with another group of orcs. Later on the Company and the hobbits reunite at helms deep, where another battle ensues with evil orcs. Frodo and Sam are still ensuing their quest to Mordor but confront Gollum, a small creature who has been following them. But on their way Gollum tricks them by luring them into a cave where the evil spider Shelob paralyzes Frodo. Sam kills the spider but thinks that Frodo has died. When continuing to journey on he hears the orcs talking about Frodo being paralyzed and not dead. Sam promises himself to dave Frodo at whatever the cost.

The final and third book The Return of the King was published October 20, 1955. Continuing to prepare the fight against Sauron, Aragon continue to try to rally more allies and creatures to help. Gandalf, Aragon and the rest of the company take control of Gondor and its defenses and prepare for the orcs and Nazgul. After a swift victory with help of Aragon and his ghost reinforcements, they decide to head to the black gate of Mordor to try and create a distraction to Sauron so Frodo can throw the ring back into the fires from which it was birthed. Frodo and Sam reach the cracks at the top of the mountain but before they can throw the ring in, Gollum attacks and bites off Frodo’s ring finger, falling into the cracks and destroying himself and the ring with him.

These three great books of courage and heroism come together to form an epic adventure fulfilled by a couple hobbits, elf, wizard, and dwarf. These books are Tolkien’s first great work and have been put together brilliantly by him. Some events and places in these books are inspired from his personal life and his serving in war. Tolkien wrote what come to be a best selling trilogy that is loved by many.

J.R.R. Tolkiens Life

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien has inspired many people around the world with his adventurous and mythical books. Many events in his own life have actually inspired characters, plots, and settings in his books. Tolkien’s life is filled with many interesting events including serving in a war, losing both his parents at a young age and many other tragic and interesting encounters and events. Tolkien has passed away but his life and books will continue to live on and be remembered. His early life was tragic, mid life was full of many interesting events, and his later age was when the best of his books were written.

J.R.R. Tolkien was born January 3, 1892 in Bloemfontein, South Africa. At 3 years old Tolkien and his brother moved to England with their mother, shortly after they moved to England their father died in South Africa. At the age of 12 Tolkien’s mother died and him and his brother were sent to live with relatives in boarding homes, a catholic priest in Birmingham, England assumed guardianship of the Tolkien brothers shortly after.

Tolkien attended King Edwards school in Birmingham and was very talented in languages. After attending school in Birmingham J.R.R. went on to receive his first-class degree at Exeter College. He then enlisted as a lieutenant and served in World War 1, but was eventually sent home to England from a disease known as Trench fever. Tolkien wrote during the war but did so even more when recovering in the hospital, some of his writings in the hospital would later evolve into some of his books.

Over time Tolkien would write what many people would consider to be his first great work, The Lord of the Rings series, which was partly inspired to events that had happened to him during war. In 1954 he released the first part of the series with the second part to follow soon in 1955. The series were filled with mythical creatures and adventurous quests that kept readers hooked. The series became global best sellers with many devoted clubs being formed by fans who loved his books. Tolkien would go on to write many books of similar nature with orcs, dwarves, and heroes fighting dragons and princes, but he would sadly pass away on September 2, 1973.

J.R.R. Tolkien continues to inspire and hook readers everywhere with a good read even though he has passed away. The legacy he has left us is The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series, which are considered some of the most popular books around the world. Although his early life was tragic in the loss of both his parents at a young age, and his mid life being riddled with war, Tolkien would write what would come to be some of the best books ever written.

Inspirations for his Books

           J.R.R. has many inspirations for his writings and books, but many people agree that Tolkien’s greatest inspiration was his own life and past experiences. There are many reasons why this is believed to be true by many but here are a couple.

Tolkien’s The Silmarillion has been said to be based off of his experiences in                    World War 1. During the war Tolkien had to go back to England after receiving            Trench Fever, while recovering in the hospital Tolkien began writing down stories, these stories would eventually come together and evolve into his book The Silmarillion.

Another example of Tolkien’s life influencing his books is the tragic event of his parents dying when he was young. His father passed away when he was only 3, and his mother when he was 12. Many characters in his books loose their books and/or adopted. This can be seen by the character Frodo who is taken in by his Uncle Bilbo in›› the                      Fellowship of the Ring.

Finally, a theme that Tolkien uses a lot in his books is a dark, evil ruler who tries to take over and enslave the world, this is said to be Tolkien’s point of view on World War 1 in which he said,”The individuals become expendable numbers in a massive collision of bureaucratic machines”. Tolkien was also involved in one of the most gruesome and deadly battles, The Battle of Somme, which has been compared to the horrible, dark landscape of Mordor in his books.

Tolkien has many inspirations for his book but the most commonly noted are the ones form his own personal life and past experiences in the world. He takes these experiences both good and bad and turns it into a heroic adventure for many to love reading.